VALUE 1 運命の宝石との出会いを Meet the jewel of your destiny.

We guarantee high quality gemstones. We can provide a certificate of authenticity/approval upon request. If you are interested in a particular gemstone, our industry professionals will search for it domestically and internationally. We belong to reputable jewelry associations.

VALUE 2 真の価値あるジュエリーに For jewelry of true value

We will work with you to create and propose jewelry that is valuable to you, while staying close to your sense of values.

VALUE 3 日本の信頼と高い技術力を Japanese trust and high technology

After the jewelry and design have been decided, it is time for the production process. The process is handed over to skilled craftsmen in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture. The value of the product will be further enhanced by the high level of Japanese technology.